What is art?

Is it an expression of cultural, political and social ideas or the communication of intimate concepts? Must it be solitary and born of isolation and sorrow, or can it be humble, uplifting and collaborative? Is it merely the veneration of the banal, of beauty or brutality, or is its purpose simply non-existent? Does it ever have a meaning, more than the immediacy of its birth?

Art is not the formulaic production of prescriptive pieces to satisfy an arbitrary criteria. “Art is an engagement with aesthetic and intellectual concepts for the purpose of self-expression, free of external constraints”.

These are questions for which there appears to be no definitive answer. The value of Art though has to be more than its material worth and whether it is the offspring of a lost master, housed in the most prestigious institute or valued at millions.

Whatever your thoughts, you are invited to enter the world of EgoSumArt.

“Be kind to your sleeping heart. Take it out into the vast fields of light…And let it breathe.” – Hafez