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Introducing EgoSumArt’s Wonders of Gaia Series


Hegemone – Wonders of Gaia Series, London, 2019
Edited digital image on paper ground

A single, delicate touch from the Grace, Hegemone: silvery Euphorbias awaken. 

 See the full Wonders of Gaia series here ► 

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EgoSumArt Selling Unique, Handpainted Coasters at the Old Mill Cafe, Wembury, Devon, UK and the Gerald Moore Gallery, London, UK


EgoSumArt’s new batch of coasters getting ready to be shipped to the Old Mill Café, Wembury, Devon, UK. Also on sale at the Gerald Moore Gallery, London, UK: Each unique, hand painted coaster, is priced at only £10.00. 

10% from each sale is donated to the Meningitis Research Foundation