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Messages of Grief and Loss at the Gerald Moore Gallery – inspired by ‘my friend Tracey’


“Rooted to the spot” – Sculptural composition 

Taking inspiration from the autobiographical and revelatory style of Tracey Emin, who uses life events such as death and loss, ‘EgoSumArt’ presents a portfolio of art inspired by ‘your friend Tracey’ (as she came to be known; so often was reference made to the impressionist icon).

► EgoSumArt Messages of Grief and Loss – Inspired by my friend Tracey- Gerald Moore Gallery 2019

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EgoSumArt Selling Unique, Handpainted Coasters at the Old Mill Cafe, Wembury, Devon, UK and the Gerald Moore Gallery, London, UK


EgoSumArt’s new batch of coasters getting ready to be shipped to the Old Mill Café, Wembury, Devon, UK. Also on sale at the Gerald Moore Gallery, London, UK: Each unique, hand painted coaster, is priced at only £10.00. 

10% from each sale is donated to the Meningitis Research Foundation