Special Donation to Tottenham Charity, Living Under One Sun

Special Donation to Tottenham Charity, Living Under One Sun
This two shall pass – 2020
Acrylic paint on MDF Board ground
“Grieve not; though the journey of life be bitter, and the end unseen, there is no road which does not lead to an end” – Hafez.

In Persian Mythology the Simurgh is said to have witnessed the destruction and rebirth of the world three times. The Simurgh roosts in the Tree of Life, which contains the all-healing medicine, which can cure all the illnesses of mankind. As the world endures the Covid-19 pandemic the veiled, masked Simurgh appears…

#SaveOurPlanet #LivingUnderOneSun #StayHome

Green spaces. Open spaces. Gardens are important to everyone. EgoSumArt is supporting the Tottenham Charity, Living Under One Sun: actively creating welcoming places to share stories, ideas and skills for people to become “can do” communities, embracing and leading positive change to include and benefit all cultures, abilities, ages and Nature – in neighbourhoods and globally.

Living Under One Sun is desperate and needs your support urgently to survive the Covid-19 Crisis